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World Youth Day Madrid, Spain


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We express our sincere gratitude to Father Johnny Mendonca, Ester Breheny, Mary Cespedes, Meaghan McKeown, Elizabeth Fertig, Enzo Viti, Tim Fromann and all the Parishioners at St. Catherine of Sienna Parish in Franklin Square for making this wonderful Pilgrimage possible.



(iPod/iPhone/iPad Mp4 format)




Listen to some of St. Catherine's youth speak about their 2011 WYD experience on the air on WGBB

(Show Number 46 air date: November 19, 2011)

Listen Up, Jesus Is On The Air




St. Catherine of Sienna Parish Hall St. Catherine of Sienna Church Bus to Newark Airport NJ Bus to Newark Airport NJ
Newark Airport NJ Fr. Johnny TAP Airline TAP Airline
On the plane Landed at Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon Airport Lisbon Airport
Bus to Fatima Fatima Sao Jose Hotel Lobby Dining Room
Sitting Room      



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